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What is COCO5?

COCO5 is a natural, coconut water based rehydration drink developed by a team of professional sports medicine experts and sports nutritionists determined to invent a healthier additive free functional drink alternative for professional athletes and people of all ages.

Why was COCO5 developed?

The development team was determined to correct the problem where traditional sports drinks routinely failed to help athletes achieve peak performance. Their goal was to create a natural drink to help health conscious active people eliminate additives, colourants and the high sugar content found in leading energy and re-hydration drinks. Replacing fluids lost through sweat and restoring the electrolytes depleted during exercise also reduces cramping and gastric distress often experienced with conventional sports drinks.

How many calories are in COCO5?

A 237 ml single serve of COCO5 contains 40 calories.

Why is COCO5 such an effective rehydration drink?

COCO5 was designed specifically with athletes and active people in mind – it combines the natural electrolytes and sugars of coconut water with great flavours to give you exactly what your mind and body need after excercise.

What are COCO5's ingredients?

COCO5 contains only Natural Coconut Water, Natural Juices, Natural Sugars, Natural Flavourings and Colours. There are no preservatives and no artificial colourants or flavourings

Is there any added sugar in COCO5?

No, COCO5 only contains Natural Coconut Water, Natural Juices, Natural Sugars, Natural Flavourings and Colours.

Where does the colour come from?

Natural Fruit and Vegetable juices.

Is COCO5 just for athletes?

Absolutely not! COCO5 is a great addition to any diet… seniors, adults, children and pregnant women. With no added sugar, no additives or preservatives and a great taste, COCO5 is the best way to enjoy the benefits of coconut water for everyday hydration. COCO5 is also an excellent aid to rehydration during and after illness.

Does COCO5 have a shelf life?

Yes, there is Sell By date on each bottle. Once opened COCO5 should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within three days as it is a natural product and will begin to spoil.

How do I know the ingredients listed are correct?

All the COCO5 products have been tested and certified through Silliker Laboratories, an international network of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories that test to the most rigid industry standards to ensure the proficiency of data. Each batch of Coco5 is re-tested every month to ensure purity and quality.

Are electrolytes really important?

Absolutely, when the electrolyte concentrations are out of balance and the water content of the cell is depleted, water alone cannot restore hydration. It is necessary to restore electrolytes along with the water to re-balance the electrolyte gating mechanisms to allow efficient fluid uptake by the cells. Only by feeding your cells with electrolytes will provide proper cellular hydration take place.

Is it true that COCO5 will help with hangovers?

Definitely! The cause of a hangover is dehydration. Drinking COCO5 is extremely effective rehydration and naturally restores vital electrolytes.