COCO5 Natural Coconut

Made with Natural Coconut Water, Natural Juices, Natural Sugars, Natural Flavourings and Colours.

COCO5 is an innovative all natural coconut water hydration drink with absolutely no additives or preservatives.
COCO5 helps athletes achieve peak performance, fitness enthusiasts replace fluids and restore critical electrolytes and the health conscious enjoy a natural and delicious, nutritionally balanced, soft drink.
COCO5 is available in six flavours and harnesses the power of the naturally occurring five electrolytes in coconut water.
COCO5 has a clean refreshing taste that doesn’t make your mouth sticky. It has some naturally occurring sugars in order for the electrolytes to be absorbed by the body effectively. It is however naturally low in calories with only 80 kcals per bottle.
COCO5 was developed in the US by a team of National Hockey League sports medicine experts and sports nutritionists determined to invent a healthier drink for professional athletes and physically active people of all ages.

Nutritional values

of which sugars
of which saturates
Serve 237ml 40 <1 7 7 <1 <1 <1 59 78